Wood Tech I

Course Outline:
This class will introduce drawing and interpreting technical drawings in both orthographic and isometric form. This will include practice in dimensioning and measurement reading.  During the first nine weeks students will gain basic manual and electronic (CAD) drawing experience.  Additionally, students will receive instruction on various forms, uses, calculations, and species of wood found in the modern built environment.  The remainder of the year will focus on activities within the wood lab.  This will include at least one project of a given design and then individual projects thereafter.

Wood lab safety and machine/tool practices will be the major focus throughout the course.  Students are allowed to enter the wood lab only after they have completed the every safety test with a grade of 100%.

ñ  Understand common tools, machines, and their operation.
ñ  Gain a greater understanding of a common building material 
ñ  Learn how to estimate and calculate project plans.
ñ  Develop critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems
ñ  Connect knowledge and experiences from different subject areas.
ñ  Develop safe working skills and attitudes
ñ  Gain lifelong skills to create and adapt the world around you
ñ  Learn from from your failures 

A proud craftsman

Two students work on the assembly of a project using one of the new cordless drills

The first  project completed in time for winter break

Wood Tech I pays homage to their dear leader by sitting in an "H" pattern 

Built Like a Tank

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