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Course Description
   The overarching goal of this class is to empower the student to better understand and shape the world around them.  To that end, students will learn about disciplines, methods, techniques, and materials relevant to engineering. The primary focus of this course will be to provide opportunities for students to design, draw (using CAD software), construct, and then test their designs.  Possible assignments consist of designing: a bridge, a hovercraft, a tower, a drag racer, and a mouse trap vehicle.  Many of these projects will be designed and built within teams of students.  Time will be split between the Industrial Technology Computer Lab, the wood lab, and the regular classroom.  This course will reinforce math, science, computer, CAD and technology skills/knowledge.

ñ  Develop critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems
ñ  Explore career paths related to engineering
ñ  Connect knowledge and experiences from different subject areas.
ñ  Develop collaborative working skills and attitudes
ñ  Gain lifelong skills to create and adapt the world around you
ñ  To learn from our failures
100lbs + 

Students test air powered race cars

Our local John Deere representative, Lester, made an appearance.

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