Architecture Design

Architecture Design students have just completed the semester and with it a number activities and subjects of study. From the beginning of the school year the goal has been to build knowledge and skills that apply directly to architecture yet are beneficial regardless of career path.

This year the Ind Tech. PC lab received additional computers, a windows 7 upgrade, and Sketchup Pro was acquired.  This brought its share of challenges but I have to give my thanks to Mr. Korzan and the students for being consistently helpful and adaptive. Below are a few highlights of this year.

Addition Redesign- Our final group project was to redesign an addition to the house of a local family. This included an initial presentation by the client, Mrs. Strunks, and student presentations of their finished work. During this project students collaborated in groups of 3-4 to design, draw, and build scale versions of what they envisioned for the space. The groups also spent a day in the Digital Media Arts lab learning and editing elevation drawings in Photoshop. A special thanks to Mrs. Strunks as well as Ms. Miller for offering time and resources during the project.

Wall section-  A group project where students studied the component parts and eventually built a scale model of a conventional wall section.

Scale Drawings- Students were introduced to and consistently used 2D and 3D electronic and manual drawing methods during the semester.

Calculating Square Footage-  Students learned just how to calculate the square footage of a house using the ANSI standard and terminology.

House Price- Students completed several activities that sought to shed light on just what goes into a house, how much it costs, and a rough method of cost calculation.

A team excited to be in the Digital Media Arts lab

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