Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Industrial Technology classes have been eliminated from the course of studies starting the 2013-2014 year. This website belongs to the 2012-2013 students of Springboro HS Ind Tech and as such will stay as a reminder of our time in B108....and 109... and 110.  Thank you to all of my students who have made this challenging year deeply rewarding and this work more than a job.

Contact: Feel free to contact Mr. Hileman at

2012-2013 year in the wood lab stats:
768 Safety Tests
277 Projects
101 Students
14 Machines
10 Power tools
6 Class periods
0 Major injuries

            The Harlem (Hileman) shake of 1st period

Two new diploma boxes (far left, far right)  used during
graduation ceremonies were constructed with help of several students.

Teams design their bridges

Final Wood Tech I projects-- CO2 car--  in progress

Two completed Wood Tech I individual projects

Eng Design students test a prototype in the wind tunnel

A group modifying their car design

A Wood Tech II project on the home stretch 

No comment available at press time

Wood Tech II-IV completes their first project of the year