Wood Tech II-IV

The Final Wood Tech II-IV Project

         ...and then this panther started dancing.

Course Outline:This class will build upon knowledge and skills gained in Wood Tech. I.  In the first nine weeks students will spend time reviewing and taking safety tests in much the same manner as in Wood Tech. I.  Students will complete activities such as material calculation, 3rd angle projection, and 3D drawing with increased complexity.  A focus of Wood Tech II-IV is to provide ample time in the wood lab in order to both connect knowledge gained in the classroom with hands on activities and to build upon the foundation of skills created in previous wood tech classes.  

Wood lab safety and machine/tool practices will be the major focus throughout the course.  Students are allowed to enter the wood lab only after they have completed the every safety test with a grade of 100%.

ñ  Understand common tools, machines, and their operation.
ñ  Gain a greater understanding of a common building material 
ñ  Learn how to estimate and calculate project plans.
ñ  Develop critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems
ñ  Connect knowledge and experiences from different subject areas.
ñ  Develop safe working skills and attitudes
ñ  Gain lifelong skills to create and adapt the world around you
ñ  Learn from from your failures 


A student drawn 3D model of their first project

A student prepares to nail his project together

The wood lab is haunted- and dusty

 A project looking conspicuously similar to their 3D digital model

The first project completed in time for the winter break